Fruitful Sea, Fertile Soil: Aegean!

Aegean tables are fed from the sea and the sun. The most delicious flavors of Aegean culture savor their taste and aroma from the rich seasoning variety that extends from shores to mountains. Vegetables and aromatic herbs, fresh seafood, appetizers made with regional sauces such as lemon and vinegar, meat dishes flavored with unique flora of Aegea... Each of them takes its place on Pachamama tables as a masterpiece of a cultural background that dates back centuries.

Local Gastronomy Experience: Çeşme!

The secret of the long life of local people in Çeşme is a healthy food culture centered on olive oil, local herbs, and spices. Seafood is the basis of regional gastronomy with its enormous diversity and several cooking techniques. At Pachamama, we form unexplored recipes inspired by this domestic culture. 

An Authentic Representation of Local Culture: Pachamama Table!

Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine, which has a unique and rich variety of flavors, particularly olive oil dishes, and fresh seafood, ensures longevity to both the body and the gatherings around the tables with the healthy combination of the most special meals. As Pachamama, we embrace the local culture of Alaçatı, Çeşme, which harbors these unique flavors within its shores, embrace the fascinating heritage of fertile lands with a great enthusiasm for life, and strengthen our commitment to this special cuisine every day with Pachamama tables.

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