With its doors open for the first time in the summer of 2019, Pachamama Alaçatı is a design hotel shaped by art, design and science with a holistic approach. “How would Mother Earth do this?”

Every step taken and every decision made by asking the question, Pachamama is the most unique hotel in Alaçatı today. This very special stay experience, offered by the calm atmosphere created by the raw and natural properties of every material used, together with many design and art objects specially produced for the space, is open to visitors throughout the year. With its meticulous and careful staff who act to make this experience perfect in every detail, unique cuisine approach that blends many different flavors that mother nature offers, and its indoor and outdoor spaces where you can enjoy every hour of the day, Pachamama is located in very close proximity to the heart of the town, the marketplace. 


is the name indigenous people of Andes
called to Mother Earth in Aymara language.
People of ancient civilizations have given
equivalent value to Mother Earth, despite
being emerged at distinct geographies


Pachamama has a special design that offers a unique stay experience. Each room has its unique soft decoration that was inspired from ancient civilizations around the world. Interior spaces were constructed by using toxic-free natural materials. 

All the walls are covered with clay plaster, which was developed for the project, by using traditional techniques. The unique color comes from the natural pigments. Cedar wood is used for flooring. Upon entering you will get its natural scent. Solvent-free preservatives that conform to the EU standards were used for the natural wood floors. Natural stones were used for the common spaces and bathrooms. Most of the objects in the rooms were design and produced for Pachamama by local designers and artists

Superior Room w/ Garden Terrace

Rooms w/ Garden Terrace

Rooms w/ Garden Terrace (Twin)

Superior Room w/ Balcony

Rooms w/ Balcony

Rooms w/ Balcony (Twin)


Covid-19 Tedbirleri ve Bilgilendirme

Konuklarımızın ve çalışanlarımızın güvenliği bizim için büyük önem taşımaktadır. Pachamama Hotel ailesi olarak, konuklarımızın sağlıklı, güvenli ve keyifli bir tatil geçirmesini sağlamak için tüm hijyen tedbirlerini aldık ve almaya devam etmekteyiz.